WILD Blackstone Grill Recipe

Outdoor cooking is abundant during the summer months, but this Blackstone Grill recipe is sure to impress all year long! Get ready for a fresh and healthy chicken Philly sandwich. The serving size is enough for the whole family, and it can be tweaked to include ingredients that the whole family loves. At the end of the day, master this recipe and you’ll unlock a treasure chest of possibilities!

Mesquite Chicken Philly


1 pound chicken breast

2 Tbsp Wildwood Mesquite seasoning

2 Tbsp Wildwood All Purpose seasoning

1 large green bell pepper

1 large red bell pepper

1 small yellow onion

¼ cup sunflower or olive oil

1 French bread loaf (16-18 inches)

2 Tbsp butter

7 slices of your favorite cheese (Pro tip: sliced habanero jack will add a WILD spicy kick)


This recipe is designed for a flat grill like a Blackstone Grill or Pitboss grill; however, feel free to get creative and tweak it for your kitchen. We recommend using 14-inch skillets and the oven (set at 350) as a substitute. Either way, you’ll end up with melty and gooey mesquite chicken Philly goodness!

1. Slice chicken into ¼-inch thin strips cut the long way. (Pro tip: cut when partially frozen).
2. Cut French bread in half lengthwise like a giant hoagie bun.
3. Melt butter and brush on both sides of the bread.
4. Cut peppers and onions into ¼-inch thick pieces. Mix together.
5. In a large bowl, add sliced chicken, dry seasonings, and oil. Mix together.
1. Preheat the flat grill (Blackstone or Pitboss) to low heat.
2. On one side of the flat grill, lay the butter-brushed French loaf butter side down to toast.
3. On the other side, add chicken/spice/oil mixture and spread out for even cooking.
4. Let cook and sizzle and avoid moving for about one minute. Flip each piece of chicken over.
5. Add onion/pepper mixture on top of chicken pieces and cook for one minute.
6. Stir and mix chicken, onion, and peppers together and cook until the peppers are tender.
7. Arrange chicken, onion, and peppers in a row and cover with cheese. Turn off the heat and let the cheese get melty and gooey.
8. Once completed turn over the French loaf and pile on the sweet mess of chicken, cheese, peppers, and onions.
9. Cut in 6-8, 2-3 inch pieces.
10. Serve and enjoy with your favorite chips


While we all love to dine out, it’s also nice to have a quality meal in the comfort of your own home. This is the perfect Blackstone Grill recipe! Watch our blog for more recipes from Chef Jim, updates about what’s new, and special events. Pick up Wildwood’s Mesquite and All Purpose seasoning online, at either Wildwood location, Fareway in Byron, or Destination Bar-B-Q in Rochester.