Unique Food Experiences in Southeast Minnesota

Wildwood Sport Bar & Grill prides itself in bringing unique foods to the table every month with a popular menu and unique monthly specials. Our owner Jim Nicholas not only brings his expertise to his restaurant menu, but he also allows others to get creative with their passion for food. Keep reading to learn how your entire bar and grill experience can be transformed by eating at Wildwood.


Popular Menu Items

Some of our most popular menu items are our wings, pizza, duck poppers, unique sandwiches, and burgers! Wings are available at either location, and you have nine mouthwatering flavors to choose from. Pizzas are freshly made at the Byron Wildwood location for dine-in or dine-out. Tacos are available at the Rochester Wildwood location. Check out the menu to see all the options available to you: MENU.


Chicken Wings


Monthly Specials

Every month Wildwood has special food items that are created either by Chef Jim, his talented team, or one of his aspiring guest chefs. Recently Wildwood had local schools participate in creating weekly specials for the month of May. Check out some of the unique food creations below:


Mardi Gras Menu

Every February, Chef Jim puts together a Jazzy specials menu celebrating Mardi Gras. He and his team mix the flavors of New Orleans with the exciting culture and bring it to both Minnesota restaurant locations in Rochester and Byron.


Oktoberfest Menu

Another crowd favorite is the Oktoberfest menu created by Chef Jim Nicholas! This menu features delicious food inspired by the German culture, and it’s menu you don’t want to miss out on.



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