2020 men's 2's League

Thursday Nights

Contact the league organizer for 2020 Volleyball 2's League information. The information on this page will be updated as it becomes available from the league organizer.

About This League

• $60 per team. Cash, please!

• 18 matches for every team (54 games)

• Every team plays twice a night

• Same number of splits, early, late games (6 for each team)

• Equitable matches on each court w/no team playing on court 3 twice a night

2020 League Players

Team 1: TBD

Team 2: TBD

Team 3: TBD

Team 4: TBD

Team 5: TBD

Team 6: TBD

Team 7: TBD

Team 8: TBD

Team 9: TBD

Team 10: TBD

2020 Schedule


Court 1

Court 2

Court 3



Team Matchup

Team Matchup

Team Matchup



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