Support Local, Support Wildwood


Our community is awesome at coming together to support local. In 2022 and beyond, we look forward to serving you and we hope you’ll continue supporting us!


Eating the delicious food and drinking the cold beverages are not the only ways you can support Wildwood. You can also purchase gift cards and custom Wildwood merchandise at both the Rochester and Byron locations!


Below is a list of the merchandise that Wildwood offers, and the 5 top reasons that supporting local businesses benefits you, too!



  • $50 Gift Card & $60 Candle Bundle (Scents: BBQ Smoke, Roasted Marshmallow, or Cozy Cabin)


  • 5 Pack of Spices (All-Purpose, Fish & Potato, Ghost Pepper, Mesquite, RibRiffic, and Taco)


  • Clothing (variety of styles and colors to choose from)


  • Gift Cards


How Supporting Local, Benefits You ⬇️


  1. It makes cents to shop local.
  • More money stays within the community when you spend locally.


  1. If anything good that comes from being taxed, it’s keeping it in the community.
  • Your sales tax will be reinvested in the community when you shop local.


  1. If you’re happy, they’re happy.
  • Your values and desires mean a lot to your local community businesses.


  1. Being unique is better than being like everyone else.
  • Supporting local businesses will help your community differentiate itself from others, giving you and your family a unique experience.


  1. It creates more jobs, more money, and less problems.
  • The more support you give local businesses, the more jobs they will create in your community.


Interested in purchasing some merch from Wildwood? Stop in at either location!


Wildwood Rochester Location


Wildwood Byron Location


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