Happy Hour is Now Wild Hour

After much careful consideration, we decided to put an end to our happy hour specials…

And replace it with a stellar new menu of delicious drinks and outrageously tasty food specials which we have hereby dubbed WILD HOUR! Want to know more about our crazy new Wild Hour deals available from 2 PM – 6 PM every day? Well extra, extra, read all about it.

The Eats

There is nothing like a plate full of flavor to go with your drink of choice, and these scrumptious snacks definitely fall under the must-try happy hour specials category. Some of them you have met before. Such as our:

–       Crazy Kaulfolds Cheese Curds

–       Frick’n flavorful Frickles

–       Uber cheesy Pretzel Fondue

–       Perfect Porto Fries

But others may be what make you believe in love at first sight. We have to warn you, just seeing them may cause instant salivation and an overwhelming need to eat at Wildwood as soon as possible. Allow us to introduce you…

Smash Burger & Fries

New happy hour "Wild Hour" smash burger and fries

Get ready to demolish this 1/3 pounder smasher that is perfectly placed on a toasted brioche bun with melted American cheese, pickles, and sweet mayo. And don’t forget the side of our craveable crispy fries.

Thighs & Fries

New happy hour "Wild Hour" thighs and fries

Lightly breaded with Wildwood’s very own fish and potato seasoning, fried until they are nice ‘n crispy, and served with a side of equally crisp fires, these chicken thighs are sure to satisfy.

Shrimp & Fries

New happy hour "Wild Hour" shrimp and fries

Rather take on the “surf” without the “turf”? No problemo. These six pieces of shrimp are lightly breaded, fantastically fried. and serviced alongside our (in case you missed our earlier crispy fries description) wonderfully crisp side of fries and the best fish dip in the “Woods.”

So, whether you are looking for a few nibbles to tide you over or a big bite to fill your belly, our Wild Hour eats are sure to leave your stomach and your wallet feeling very merry!

The Drinks

Now onto the main event – the Wild Hour drink specials! Taking your fan favorites and then adding even more sweet drink deals, we made the happy hour menu of ALL happy hour menus. How wildly happy are we talking about? Glad you asked, we’re talking about:

–       $3.00 Happy High Lifes

–       $4.00 Domestic Tall Beers

–       $4.50 Happy Captain Morgans

–       $5.00 Happy Margaritas

–       $5.00 Happy Wines

–       $6.00 Happy Mules

–       $6.00 Craft Tall Beers

Add that all up and you’ve got the wildest drink deal in the “Woods!”

With these super-stacked Wild Hour specials, you can stop searching “the best happy hour near me” and make your way over to THE place to eat, drink, and be (wildly) merry – Wildwood. So, next time you need of a cold one or a plate of absolute perfection, stop into our Bryon or Rochester, MN Wildwood locations and get your wild on!

Psst… did you know that we have even more uber-exciting specials? With fun and flavorful monthly specials that will keep you on your toes AND our Take & Bake Tuesday pizza special, you can enjoy wildly delicious food at our place and yours. Check them out today!