Eat Chicken Wings. Get Rewarded.

Queue the blaring AC/DC, intense fog machine, and roar of thousands of excited fans. You’ve officially entered the Wildwood Chicken Bowl. It’s a bowl unlike any other, offering rewards to any and all who can complete the challenge with absolutely no competition. Do you ever find yourself zoned out, drooling over Wildwood’s jumbo wings? Are you a fan of the world’s second-best F word (free)? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, we think you have what it takes to be reigned Chicken Bowl Champ.


All it takes is 120 wings. Order 20 orders of 6 chicken wings or 10 orders of 12 chicken wings. However you want to spin it, you’re literally getting rewarded to stuff your face with our (internally) famous jumbo chicken wings. The reward? One of our comfy, cozy, one-of-a-kind Wildwood sweatshirts. So next time someone asks you where you got your super cool, local apparel  you can straight-up tell them it’s because you’re a #champ.


If you think you have what it takes, stop by a Wildwood near you to get your hands on our latest (and coolest) rewards card.


Now let’s get real, this offer is valid on both boneless and bone-in jumbo wings. Limit one free sweatshirt with fully stamped Wildcrew-verified card. Some restrictions may apply. See restaurant for details.